Maxi Race France 2019

France, Annecy


More than just a trail race, the Maxi Race, takes you on a journey, an adventure of self-discovery amongst exquisite, unique landscapes. Whether you run alone or in a relay team, regardless of your level or your goals, there is an event for everyone. From the Ultra to the Marathon or the shorter Race, you can choose the right race which will push you to develop your mountain skills and allow you to enjoy Annecy lake. Along these unique, well-preserved trails you will witness incredible views of the lake and discover the traditions and gems that the Haute Savoie has to offer.

Maxi-Race adopts SPORTRAXS for Safety Management during it’s massive event in the French Alps.

The Maxi Race Team choses SPORTRAXS Safety Management Platform to manage all the safety related issues during the unique 9000 + participants race in the french alps.

Maxi race France is an Event that counts over 9000 participants in the french alps over the last week end in may.

Learn more about our involvement in the Maxi-race starting on the 24 May 2019. SPORTRAXS revolutionary Safety Management Platform was chosen to ensure all participants are always safe during the event.

What they say about us

“ We have been using the sportrax GPS tracking system since 2017 to professionalize and follow in real time the deployment of our organizational and medical teams on our various routes.”

“Optimum coverage, innovative, modern and instantaneous interface ... the Sportraxs solution is an effective "control tower" for controlling and coordinating with serenity its event and whatever the terrain.”

Into the specs

Sportraxs self managed platform also help sport event organisers attract new spectators to their events while increasing safety for all participants. Unique, simple and innovative solution for timing, live tracking, but most importantly to add major exposure to your offline content over the internet attracting new viewers online to your event.

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