Live Tracking

Our state of the art algorithm based on Leading Edge AI technologies determines an up to the minute real-time live leaderboard of your event. Each athlete can benefit from Leading Edge techniques we provide for real time analytics of individual athletes as well as comparative analytics to compare your favorite athletes / participants.

Live Tracking con il vostro smartphone

Per ottenere un tracciamento dal vivo utilizzando sportrax puoi scegliere di utilizzare la tua app mobile o qualsiasi app mobile opensource per gestire il monitoraggio in tempo reale di tutti i tuoi atleti nella nostra piattaforma a un costo molto ragionevole.

Utilizzare i vostri GPS

Per ottenere una soluzione di monitoraggio dal vivo, è possibile scegliere di utilizzare i propri dispositivi di tracciamento o persino utilizzare i dispositivi del proprio fornitore locale di noleggio.

Noleggiare Localizzatori GPS - GSM o Satelitari

Se non disponi di localizzatori GPS GSM o satellitari, puoi anche noleggiare i nostri dispositivi.

Our platform manages automated geofences to help create and manage accurate checkpoints, that can trigger automated notification content MKTG and timings without the need of having staff or equipment on the ground therefore Athletes and Participants passing checkpoints can notify their friends and family of their progress through our automated content MKTG feature natively built into our platform.
Our Automated content MKTG is interoperable with Email, Facebook Messenger* and Whats-app* coming soon*.
We understand that branding is key for sponsors’ exposure. That’s why we provide various options to display custom content for your event on the site in the form of images and logos of sponsors. You will also be able to customized the images and logos shared by all users on social media from your event.

You can use our Tracking features with your own devices, our Live Tracking Mobile App ( coming soon ), your locally preferred rental trackers or with our own GSM and SATELLITE trackers rentals.

Live Tracking Details
To achieve a live tracking solution you could choose to use our all new Mobile App for real time tracking of all your athletes in our platform at a very reasonable cost, or use your own Tracking devices, or even use devices from your local rental supplier. If you don’t have GSM or Satellite GPS Trackers, you could also rent our devices.