Participants E-Safety Management


As a Race Director or Safety Officer in Sport Events, it is important to know where each participant is on the course, enabling your Safety Team with fast deployment and evacuation of any and all incidents.
Optionally we offer a SOS button functionality that allows participants that are in trouble to ask for help in case of an emergency.

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The first part of this trek will takes to the highlands where meetings with nomadic pastors from the South with their goats is not rare. Then this sportive hike will carry on to small valleys, probably one of the last places in Morocco where we can go back in time to discover a world almost extinct, far from mass tourism. In this remote region of Morocco, semi-nomadic tribes settled there preserving their ancestral pastoral and agricultural traditions, as if the mad race of time had stopped.

Sportraxs in the Cloud

We have a good understanding of the sport event needs, that’s why we deliver Sportraxs in the cloud. With our cloud based features you are able to create, engage, deploy, assess, analyze and work securely wherever you are, whenever you want. To access your cloud all you need is a basic internet connection.
For Sportraxs in the cloud we guarantee minimal 99% availability.

E-Safety Management

What is a sport event with numerous participants without the possibilities to ensure all athletes’ safety! Well, Sportraxs as you may understand, has a complete integrated Safety Management system. Your (potential) participants can be tracked and monitored live for their own safety during all sport events, by using GPS trackers in combination with your platform. The E-Safety Management platform is flexible and you can easily adapt it to your applications needs.


Sportraxs is a smart digital platform which can be used quite easily by your organization for one or multiple events. With Sportraxs you can handle all your sport event needs, your Event Mini Site for photos and results will be available from the moment you saved your first race, that’s all you need to start promoting and sharing your event.

Leading edge technology

Sportraxs is a complete digital system with significant features like E-Safety Management, Live Tracking, Timing, Training & Coaching ect. stored in a digital archive and made available for everybody to use in a clean user interface. We offer other significant features on the cloud like Automated Content Notifications and Media Board for Photo association. All activities’ data is stored in the cloud, so you will understand that you have a complete digital overview per Athlete/Participant. Sportraxs is designed to be used from a Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop etc.

Cyril Cointre


We have been using the sportrax GPS tracking system since 2017 to professionalize and follow in real time the deployment of our organizational and medical teams on our various routes.

Optimum coverage, innovative, modern and instantaneous interface ... the Sportraxs solution is an effective control dashboard for controlling and coordinating with serenity its event and whatever the terrain.

Maxi Events World Coordinator

Carmello Santoro


With Sportraxs innovative E-Safety Management feature, we have ensured an excellent unroll of our sporting event offering increased safety to all participants.

Coordinating the safety staff around a participant that needs support becomes really simple and effective

Race Director, Etna Trail